Pancake Relay Race with Nutella

  • Улучшение узнаваемости бренда
  • Увеличение продаж

Agency: Trade & Shopper Marketing

Brands: Ferrero/Nutella

Growing sales
Increasing brand awareness

Case objectives:
To develop the national promo event concept and mechanics
To teach the target audience to eat Nutella with pancakes

Organizing the national promo event with the communication “Pancake Relay Race with Nutella!”
Grand Prize: Travel to Sochi for the Winter Relay Race in 2014

Developing the event mechanics based on the unique codes
An Internet contest held at the Nutella website involving social networks
Announcing the event with the neckhanger on the jar and tasting pancakes with Nutella in POS.

Over 459 000 tasting contacts in POS
RR - 2 980 participants
Over 1 000 Like’s won in social networks as the result of the event
1 770 winners named in the event

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