Finest Hour with Kinder Chocolate

  • Улучшение узнаваемости бренда
  • Повышение ценности бренда
  • Увеличение продаж

Agency: Trade & Shopper Marketing

Brands: Ferrero/ Kinder Chocolate

Growing sales
Increasing brand value
Increasing brand awareness

Case objectives:
To attract the target audience attention to the Internets contest called ‘Finest Hour with Kinder Chocolate’ in the malls with most traffic in Moscow, St.Petersburg, Ekaterinburg and to make the event participation easier

Organizing a mobile video studio for video shooting and registering videos for participation in the ‘Finest Hour’ promo event

The fixture design was developed for the event that included the Product sales area (vending machine), a game zone where parents were able to fill in the coupon for video shooting, the isolated shooting area and the area to upload the videos to the website

An event participant gained the GWP possibility to shoot a short video with his or her kid and to take part in the ‘Finest Hour’ contest with Kinder Chocolate. The grand prize was the kid’s portrait on the chocolate packaging and shooting an ad video

Over 50 000 persons learnt about the promo event in shopping malls
2 500 persons purchased the product to take part in the event
1 536 videos shot for the event

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