Kids' Art without Limits

  • Улучшение узнаваемости бренда
  • Поддержка и улучшение отношений с клиентом
  • Увеличение продаж

Agency: Marketing Communications

Brands: Vanish

Growing sales
Supporting and enhancing customer relationships
Increasing brand awareness

Case objectives:
To develop an activation big idea 360*
To keep away from other detergents and taking the message: “Ordinary detergents are not enough for stain removal”
The idea should suit Vanish, and can’t be used for washing powders

Vanish washes away time limits in contacting your kids and the “dirtiness limits” while creating.
Vanish gives a possibility for your kids to create "without limits".

The "Kids’ Art without Limits" National Lottery
Developing and supporting the website holding the unique content for parents
A creative online contest
Creative efforts, design, production, logistics
Legal support

Results: RR – 2,2%

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